Ringlock Scaffolding System

Ringlock Scaffolding System

Ringlock type scaffolding is widely used in: general viaduct bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, building, elevated water tower, power plants, refineries...And support design for special workshop, also apply to the overpasses, span scaffolding, storage shelves, chimney, water tower and indoor and outdoor decoration, large-scale concert stage, background, the stands, balcony, modelling, stair system, the party stage set-up, sports stadium and other engineering.

Ringlock Scaffolding system mainly advantages

1. A complete set of ringlock scaffolding system usually consists of 4 standards and 8 ledgers. We can produce the size as the customer’s requirements.
2. This kind of ringlock scaffolding system is the latest wedge lock system which is easy assembly and time saving. Due to its high stability and bearing capacity, it is mainly used in ship building and other high-rise buildings.
3. Ringlock scaffolding system can be assembled very quickly simply by a banner. Using the ledger head to bite the ringlock rosette and then insert the lock pin into the small holes of it. The accurate inside sleeve makes it easier for the standard’s connection without any joint pins.
4. This ringlock scaffolding system can be more stable with the diagonal brace fixed on it. The big holes in the ringlock rosette are used for the lock pin of the diagonal brace.


Ringlock standard with rosette, ring lock ledger with ledger end, ring lock diagonal with brace end, wedge pin, base collar, steel plank, steel stair case.